Special Event

International Shogi Festival 2008 in Tendo

A Highly Cosmopolitan Shogi Event: The International Shogi Festival, November 2008attention

Every year the Japan Shogi Association organizes various events with the participation of top shogi professionals in order to promote the Japanese traditional culture of shogi. This year these events will be brought together and held as one large-scale festival in Tendo, where most of the shogi pieces in Japan are produced, to celebrate its 50th anniversary as a city. As part of this festival, the triennial International Shogi Forum (1999, 2002, 2005) will be held under the name “International Shogi Festival 2008 in Tendo.”

Friday, November 7, 2008 to Monday, November 10, 2008
Takinoyu Hotel (Tendo, Yamagata), Tendo Citizens Cultural Centre

Festival Details

International Shogi Tournament
November 8-9 (Takinoyu Hotel)
A shogi tournament will be held for about 40 players from 21 countries (provisional), selected through preliminary tournaments or by recommendation.
Shogi Day Event
November 9 (Tendo Citizens Cultural Center)
With the participation of many well-known shogi professionals, this event offers a rare opportunity to watch live shogi games between professional players. The event will be filmed by NHK and is scheduled to be broadcast on NHK’s Education Channel on the 34th Shogi Day.

Invited Countries and Number of Players

Japan, China, Thailand
New Zealand, North America, USA, Canada,
South America
UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Number of invited players
Individual tournament: 40 players from 21 countries 

Preliminary Tournaments

(A Class = Dan; B Class = Kyu)
Country A Class B Class Preliminary organizer Preliminary date/venue
USA 1 1 New York Branch, Minoru Hayashi March 29-30,13th U.S. Shogi
Championship, Chicago, Illinois,
Canada 1 0 Canada Branch, T. Hsu March 16, Ontario
Brazil 1 1 Brazil Branch, Sdamu Okuda Recommendation
Paraguay 1 0 Paraguay Branch, Masatoshi Umeyama March 1
UK 1 1 UK Branch, David Falcon May
Netherlands 1 1 Netherlands Branch, Peter
April 26 (A class, Netherlands)June
14 (Bclass, Hague)
Germany 1 1 Germany Branch, Jochen Drechsler Not yet decided
Austria 1 1 Austria Branch,Gert Schnider June,Qualification Tournament
France 1 1 French Federation, Fabien Osmont May 10-11 or June,Colmar
Belgium 1 1 Belgium Branch, Hans Secelle Recommendation
Italy 0 1 Italy Branch, Giuseppe Baggio Recommendation
Norway 1 1 Norway Branch, Asle Olufsen Undecided
Sweden 1 1 Sweden Branch, Martin Danerud March 29-30, May 31-June
1 Stockholm andTrollhattan
Finland 1 1 Jouni Tolonen June28-29,the International
ctivity Center Villa Victor, Oulu
Russia 1 1 Alexander Nosovsky Scheduled for May
Ukraine 1 1 Ukraine Branch, Viktor Shevchuk June 21-22, Rivne
Belarus 1 1 Belarus Branch, Korchitskij Sergej March, Minsk
Japan 2 2 Japan Shogi Association and Tendo Branch, Masaaki Hanawa July 20, Tendo. Other preliminary
not yet decided
China 1 1 Shanghai Branch, Jian-dong Xu (A class), Beijing (B class) Recommendation
Thailand 1 1 Bangkok Branch, Masao Tsukahara March 2 Thailand
New Zealand 0 1 Auckland Branch, Kazuhiro Horiuchi Recommendation
Total 20 20


(A Class = Dan; B Class = Kyu)
Country A Class B Class
USA Alan Baker (Pennsylvania) Eric Kuniholm (California)
Canada Jeff Stroud (Toronto)


Brazil Shigetaka Sato (Sao Paulo) Johnny Kitani (Parana)
Paraguay Monica Escher Dresow (Asuncion)


UK Tony Hosking (Cornwall) Kingsley Pratt (London)
Netherlands Arend van Oosten (Huis ter Heide) Wouter de Haas (Enschede)
Germany Jochen Drechsler (Weilheim) Andreas Pietz (Petreshausen)
Austria Thomas Pfaffel (Glaz) Marco Dietmayer (Leoben)
France Frédéric Pottier (Paris) Anh Tuan NGuyen (Paris)
Belgium Bart De Schepper (Haaltert) Harold Heeffer (Melle)


Nicola Caridi (Genova)
Norway Terje Christoffersen (Ski) Asle Olufsen (Drammen)
Sweden Christer Hartman (Enskededalen) Nils Carlsson (Stockholm)
Finland Jouni Tolonen (Oulu) Sauli Huovinen(Oulu)
Russia Victor Zapara (Sankt-Petersburg) Igor Sinelnikov (Moscow)
Ukraine Artem Kolomiyets (Kiev) Alexander Shcherbina (Kiev)
Belarus Sergej Korchitskij (Minsk) Andrei Kaspiarovich (Minsk)
Japan Shinichi Abe (Tendo),Yuki Kasai (Tokyo) Yamato Sato (Tendo),Mimei Sakamoto
China Tang Shunjie (Shanghai) Cai Wennao (Beijing)
Thailand Wisit Ngaolertloi (Bangkok) Wisuwat Teerapabpaisit (Bangkok)
New Zealand


Michael Mackinven (Auckland)
Total number




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